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Call of the Colorado

75 Minutes, DVD
$19.95 - Call to Order

The Colorado River and its tributaries have drawn people to their banks for thousands of years. River historian and author Roy Webb guides us through the wild waters and turbulent histories of the Colorado, Green, San Juan, and Yampa Rivers.

Was Major John Wesley Powell’s 1869 journey ‘into the great unknown’ really the first trip through the Grand Canyon? Archival motion picture footage and reenactments bring the stories to life. Discover the rivers of the Colorado Plateau and the colorful history of the river runners who heard the Call of the Colorado.

Included is the bonus featurette River in a Natural State, the story of how a violent flash flood formed one of North America’s largest rapids, Warm Springs, on the Yampa River, and changed the lives of those who witnessed it.

ISBN 1-56057-102-0
UPC 09347-00102

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