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The Art of Nature: Reflections on the Grand Design

48 Minutes, DVD or VHS
$19.95 - Call to Order

The wisdom of nature speaks to us heart to heart, and nature’s first language is beauty. The Art of Nature is a musical and visual odyssey that explores the magnificence of nature’s grand design. On this journey, nature’s palette explodes with visions of spectacular cascading waterfalls, lush temperate rain forests, shimmering reflections, and the vast and mysterious landscapes of the desert. In addition, time lapse photography reveals the wonder of natural processes not visible to the naked eye.

This presentation features the award-winning visual artistry of Camera One, the popular music of Narada recording artist Michael Gettel, and the poetic narration of Emmy-winning actor Tom Skerritt.

ISBN 1-56057-121-7
UPC 09347-00121

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