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Lewis and Clark: Agai Pah, Our Homeland

22 Minutes, DVD or VHS
$14.95 - Call to Order

The official program for Sacajawea Interpretive Center, Salmon, Idaho: The story of Sacajawea’s people. For thousands of years, the Lemhi Shoshone people of Sacajawea have inhabited a rugged yet beautiful territory they named Agai Pah. Their culture and way of life was forever changed with the arrival of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805. Sacajawea was a bridge between cultures. Though the Lewis and Clark story is well known, the oral histories and the story of her homeland and her people are just now being revealed. Today, there is still a powerful connection binding the Lemhi Shoshone people to their homeland and their ancestral past.

ISBN 1-56057-090-3
UPC 09347-00090

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