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Redwoods: In the Shadow of Giants

70 Minutes, DVD
$19.95 - Available at
Redwoods National Park

Drenched in rainfall, draped in mosses, and festooned with life, there is no place quite like an ancient redwood forest. Here, life is denser than in any tropical rainforest. For any given area there is more biomass in a redwood forest, more sheer weight of living things, than anywhere else on earth!

Ancestral redwood trees flourished in the Jurassic period, when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Though the dinosaurs are long gone, the redwoods remain... a living link to this intriguing world of giants. Relics from a bygone time, these living fossils tell a fascinating story of survival and the triumph of life! Official film for Redwoods National Park.

ISBN 1-56057-125-X
UPC 09347-00125

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